Friday, October 30, 2009

My Thought Today: Just Do It

Hi All,

So great to be talking to you again. My initial thought today was to share some quotes I got from Zig Ziglar's book (Breaking through to the next level) with you. My desire is just to share the principle I have been holding onto for a while with respect to my work life. Principles don't change and they are very effective. I will still share the principles just that an issue came up and I would love to share it with you.

I met a wonderful colleague on the way and she looks kind of concerned. She saw a lady with her 10-12 year old boy on the way coming to the office. They were both naked and they don't look mad. She felt so much concerned for them and she took to action immediately. She called many of her friends who ran different NGO' s or work in some radio stations to see if any could help to cloth the woman and her kid or sort whatever issue they may be having. I felt for them and just like many other people, just prayed that God would send help their way.

After settling in to start my day's business, I met my colleague with another colleague going to look for the woman. I was touched.She was just not ready to get help for this people, she was willing to go any length to make sure they get it. I learnt another lesson in life. Yesterday I wrote about many of us still in the planning phase of our lives and all we ever do is to plan. I challenged us to just do whatever it is God has laid on our mind. I could see the resolve to help this people and I gave up all my activities to go with them.

We first drove to Tinubu Square to buy a pair of new clothes for the mother and child. We then drove to Anthony side of Ilupeju to look for them. When we got there, we could not find the woman and her kid. We asked around and someone told us they had gone through town planning.We quickly walked down to learn they had moved on. We asked the bike men who told us they had moved on towards Oshodi. We had to go pick our car and drove towards PZ. Still we did not see her. We met a friend who told us that since Fountain of life church is around that area, its possible that they have been taken there.

We drove into Fountain of life and inquired about them from the security. A security guy said he saw them and they should be around the PZ office. He took us there and asked a guy who pointed the woman and her kid to us. They were both looking calm and well dressed. We were still wondering what could have happened. We asked from one of the guy there and he identified himself as the in law to the woman.We spoke to the woman to know what happen. She only said she knows what happen but God has saved her because she is God's battle axe.

We were so happy to see her and now well clothed. W explained our journey to the guys around and dropped the clothes we brought for them. What a way to start a lovely day with a lovely experience. I have learnt from this experience that not every body you see on the road is mad or has an issue. Just do it, help the ones you can help. If you don't do it, maybe no one else would do it.

I imagine how my friend would feel now. She was just not able to do anything in the office till she got help for this people. I am challenged by her large heart and am grateful to God for her kind of person. Am also challenged by my other friend and colleague who also dropped his work and drove us there. It brings to mind the new slogan used in rebranding Nigeria'; Nigeria, Good People Great Nation.

My challenge for you today is that for so long you have seen so many things wrong with out nation or society. Hold your peace till you have at least provided a solution to one of them. Stop planning to do it, Just do it.

Let me close with my famous quote from Etienne De Grellet

" I expect to pass this way but once, any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or Neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."

Your Friend and Brother
Albert Afolabi
"Born to Impact, Never to Impress"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Thought's Today: The Blessings of Restlessness

Hi All,

How are you all doing today? So great of course. Some people asked me why there was no article from for 2 days, some even asked if I have stopped thinking. Pardon me for that. It's just that writing comes so easily for me and I don't bother to stress myself when I don't feel like writing.

Restlessness is a term used most times for people we think can't just stay in a place. I remember many times that I have personally been labelled a restless person. My thought today is about the blessings from being restless.

Sometimes, we find ourself in certain situations that we are not okay with but most times because of the fear of the unknown, we tend to stay put and carry on though we lament about it every day. We long for change but our feet is stuck where we are. For every time we get a boost of energy to move on, we slow down thinking of how we are going to survive. I remember reading the book "Who moved my cheese" where the story of 4 characters who found themselves in a maze and they had to look around for cheese. Two of them that felt so wise got to a cheese station and they built their house round it. They did not notice the fact that the cheese was diminishing and when they came face to face with reality, they did what most of us are doing now - still stay there, it will soon get better. They console themselves with the thought that you don't know what is on the other side of the fence. They were very active but never productive.

For some of us, in our bid to play save, we have stayed too long in certain places. For others, we have stayed too long in out planning phases of life. Our life story is just that I want to do this or I want to do that. The question is when are you going to ever do it. We have become gurus in having grand ideas that have never seen the face of reality.

My challenge today is that you have stayed on this mountain of regret and planning too long. Get restless and just do it. Let me pick two characters in the bible, Esau and Jabez

1. Esau Genesis 27:37- 40
Esau traded his birthright for a meal and Jacob got his father's blessing because of that. Esau asked Isaac to blessed him too. In verse 40, Isaac said,'and by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion( or when you become restless), that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck".

Esau was meant to always serve Jacob and the only time he can break that yoke of his neck is when he becomes restless. The key to Esau's freedom is just to become restless. To be tired of the way it has always been and to eagerly desire a change.

2. Jabez - I Chronicles 4:9-10
Jabez is a spectacular man in the bible. He was not a traditional man. His name was not mentioned along with his other family members, they had to pause the genealogy to talk about Jabez. Its a great thing to look forward to that whenever your name is mentioned, people would have to pause to say something great about you. Jabez had been a poor and sorrowful person till the day he got restless.He had been in that situation for so long and one day, he decided that this is the end, there must be a change for him. He called on to God and he prayed that simple but effective prayer. Did you notice the difference, He has always been in that situation till the day he chose not to be any more.

My challenge to you today is to become restless. When you become restless, then you can break the yoke of poverty, sickness, unproductive lifestyle and situation around you.

Just like Jabez, take the move, you never know what you can achieve until you start. Get restless. The person who tried and fail is closer to the answer than the person who did not try at all.

We will get there.

Your Friend and Brother,
Albert Afolabi
"Born to Impact, Never to Impress"

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Thought Today: Don't Worry, Be Happy

Hey guys,

How are you all doing? Its been a very busy weekend for me. My eldest brother finally gave the ring to the only Calabar chick that has been knocking our door. Thank God for their lives. Ok, straight to business.

What is my thought today? While I was on my way to the office, still feeling very tired, I decided to take some little nap. Not too long into the journey, I heard the next guy beside me complaining just because of the little traffic ahead. His complaint was did the driver not take another route. I would have not made this an issue but I remembered that it was the same scenario on friday in another BRT bus. I took my time to rest and when I got into my office, I replayed the scenario again and came out with the following thoughts.

1. Why do we complain about things we don't have the capacity to change. This guy is just getting angry and there is no way the driver can change his route. I have learnt from the bible that ALL THINGS WILL WORK TOGETHER FOR MY GOOD. So I made it a habit to complain less and see the way forward. Most times when we complain or get angry, it blocks our imaginative mind in seeing the way forward. I go about life always feeling very optimistic. I am not saying we should not talk when our voice can make a difference. St Francis Xavier said in one of his quotes that God should give him the courage to change what he could change, the serenity to accept the things he could not change and the wisdom to know the difference. My challenge here is that we should learn not to waste our energy on things that are out of our control and accept the fact that it will always work for our good.

2. Every body at every time always prefer that life should go on without any issue. I keep imagining what life would be without problems, road blocks, issues, stress, problems etc. Would man still be as creative as they are? Human beings would always want an easy way out. I do believe this is one of the major causes of hold-up or go-slow in Lagos roads. We are all looking for the easy way out. Immediately you are stuck here, look for an alternative and sometimes go against the law just to get your way. I do wish we will take time to enjoy certain situations and not look for the easy way out. There would not be any great ideas or opportunities in life if there are no problems or road blocks. We should not be hasty to go through every situation but take time to learn every lesson that we need to learn.
Life is beautiful (MTN)
Life is good (LG).

To conclude my thoughts today, my challenge for you is:



Your Friend and Brother,

Albert Afolabi
"Born to Impact, Never to Impress''

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Thought Today: Believe and Act


First, let me say thanks to my readers. You guys keep me going.

What happened to my thought yesterday? Sorry, had a presentation in Abuja and its a whole day story, maybe for another time.

My thought today is one that has never left me since the time I read a paragraph in Max Lucado's book ( He still moves stones) during my flight to Abuja.

See this story as illustrated by Max Lucado

I love the story of the private who ran after and caught the runaway horse of Alexander the Great. When he brought the animal back to the general, Alexander thanked him by saying, "Thanks you, captain.''

With one word the private was promoted. When the general said it, the private believed it. He went to the quartermaster, selected a new uniform, and put it on. He went to the officer's quarters and selected a bunk. He went to the officer's mess and had a meal.

Because the General said it, he believed it. Would that we would do the same.

I wish we would do that; I wish we would take Jesus at his words. I wish, like heaven, that we would learn that when he says something, it happens. What is this peculiar paralysis that confines us? What is this stubborn unwillingness to be healed? When Jesus tells you to stand, let's stand
When he says we are forgiven, let's unload the guilt.
When he says we are valuable, let's believe him.
When he says we are eternal, let's bury our fear.
When he says we are provided for, let's stop worrying.
When he says, "Stand up,'" let's do it.

Bringing it home, what do you believe about yourself, start living the lifestyle now. My pastor will say ,' you are not a millionaire when you have a million naira in your bank account, you become a millionaire first in your mind, then the millions have no choice but to find their way into your bank account.

Go back and list all that God has said about you, build your mind capacity till that word becomes part of you, then act accordingly. Just like the private, immediately the general called him a captain, he started acting as one.

Do Have a great day.

Your Friend and Brother

Albert Afolabi
"Born to Impact, Never to Impress"

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today's Thought: Give and Take


You are wondering why I am bothering you with my thoughts everyday. My Life goal is to impact my world and one of the ways I have chosen to do that is to share my thoughts with you. I tell people that I am a very young person but I have learnt quite a lot which has really helped me. I also see myself learning more from people when I can help them trigger their own thoughts too. So lets enjoy the process together. To all those that took their time to read my ramblings yesterday, I say a big thank you.

On my way to work today, I was offered a free ride by my landlord right from my house to my office. It was a pleasurable ride. While in the car, I looked at what I stand to enjoy by this free ride and what I stand to loose. Its brings to light clearly that there is no free lunch anywhere. It's a life of give and take. Let me explain further by painting the two scenarios.

The Good
1. It is stressless. I was picked practically from my doorstep to my office.
2. It is free. was able to save #300 in the process.
3. It is very comfortable

The Bad
1. I wasnt too free like I would have been in the BRT bus.
2. I could not read my book.
3. Maybe I would have me a new friend or an old friend on the bus.

This is my point.

1. Life is about give and take. For every time people offer to give you something, you dont just collect, there is a part of you that is giving too.

2. Be very conscious of every offer that comes to you because they all come with their strings. Many people could not leave their present place of work today because they have received so much favour to keep tying them down. A friend left a company after 3 years and was still referred to as an ingrate. The boss told him,"after all that I have done to you".

3. Weigh the options. Sometimes the cost to be saved is not worth the cost of your freedom. Try to think ahead of time. My boss would always advice to look at every option in the passage of time.Not all that glitters is gold.

4. Most people give to you because they want something in return. Only few give without expecting returns. When you are the one giving, please understand fully why you are giving and if possible do not expect anything in return. I learnt that lesson recently when I thought people I have stood for in their own time will also stand for me. Most times, it does not work like that.

5. See these quotes

“Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.” - William Ruckelshaus

“A free lunch is only found in mousetraps.”- John Capozzi

“Life is a gift. Never take it for granted.”- Sasha Azevedo

Let me stop here for today. Below is a quote that relates my today's thought with that of yesterday (Titled - Today's thought - make someone happy). Always keep this quote in mind.

“I expect to pass through this world but once; any good thing therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” Etienne De Grellet

Thanks once again for your time.

Your Friend and Brother

Albert Afolabi
"Born to Impact, Never to Impress"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today's thought: Make Someone Happy


On my way to the office today ( thanks to the BRT buses that are fully fitted with Air conditioning systems),I was reading a book written by Max Lucado and I came across an excerpt which I want to share with you. I wish I could talk about books by Max Lucado but you won't feel me till you go get yourself a copy and you would be introduced to the world of one of the most poetic author.

This excerpt is from his book titled: He still moves stones and like i said its been very interesting. He was describing the experience of the woman with the issue of blood that touched the hem of Jesus garment. Two great things happened to the woman namely
1. She was healed of her disease
2. Jesus called her "daughter".

This was the only time Jesus calls any woman like that in the bible. Imagine how that would make the woman feel. Who would remember the last time she received a term of affection? Who knew the last time kind eyes met hers?

Max Lucado tells the story of LeO Tolstoy, the great Russian writer, who tells of the time he was walking down the street and passed a beggar. Tolstoy reached into his pocket to give the beggar some money, but his pocket was empty. Tolstoy turned to the man and said, "I am sorry, my brother, but I have nothing to give."

The beggar brightened and said, " You have given me more than I asked for - you have called me brother."


Remember, Jesus gave the woman a banquet.

Bringing it home, can you take time to look every person that has come across your way today. They may be okada men, bus conductors, beggars, cleaners, security guards, colleagues, your boss or whoever they are or claim to be, Go ahead and place before them a banquet just like Jesus did. Show them that affection that God has blessed you with. Be kind to every one that you come across. i have learnt in life that if you want to be happy, make other people happy. What you do for others will surely come your way.

Its a great day ahead. Make the most out of it and like Max Lucado will say, thanks for reading my ramblings today.

Your Friend and Brother

Albert Afolabi
"Born to Impact, Never to Impress"

Thursday, October 15, 2009

From Me to You

My special Gift

I do have one special gift for all my friends. It’s an advice and it is priceless. I would advise you to please listen to Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s recent messages on” Real Money”. Life is guided by principles. These principles work even they don’t make sense to you. I have seen some of these principles worked and I am triggered now to commit my life to great principles.

Pastor Sam identified real money as value and not the paper note we so desire. The paper note is to be in exchange for value. Being a consultant, I can say that about 8% of people that I have interviewed for jobs are more particular about how much the job will be paying them. Some even told me that they can do any job just as the pay is there. Very few people have learnt this principle of giving value first to get value. Pastor Sam made a statement that when the bricklayer is building the house; the house too is building the bricklayer. This is so true. Imagine your level of wisdom and knowledge before you took up a job and then imagine what you know now. In doing your job, the job also has increased your mental capabilities. I can say boldly that my mind capacity has been so stretched by my job, the networks it has afforded me, strive for possibilities and the learning turfs in new ventures I have explored. I can say that I am a 1000 time bigger on the inside than I am on the outside.

The key word here is to build value. I should advice here that you should be very careful before taking a job. Pastor Sam explained that you are the CEO of You Incorporated. When you are employed by a company, they have employed the CEO of another company to come and work with them for a while. Carry yourself with that dignity and go add your wealth of wisdom to theirs. The way an employer has the right to choose who their employee is should the same way you should determine who your employer would be.

Let me give some specific advice here.

1. Don’t work for money. Always choose to work in a place where you would develop yourself. When you are about to determine which job you should take, ask yourself this question, “in the passage of time, if you are doing this job, what would have been added to you?” if your present job is developing you but not paying too much, stay there and learn all you need to learn, what you are doing is that you are building value which another employer will pay for later. I can tell you of friends of mine who work in places where they are not well paid but they are the ones running the whole show. One of them now works with shell and gets paid like 500k monthly. I tell you, it is not his fault, he has paid his dues.

2. Always have money. I do believe that God send to us different ideas every day. Ideas that will prosper us. Ideas are like seeds. We must prepare our minds as fertile lands for every idea to germinate in our lives. One of the facts I have noticed that kills ideas in our lives is the fact that we don’t have money. No matter how grand the idea is, when the reality shines on us that we don’t have money, it rubbishes the idea. Try this simple method I have been practicing for long on having money always. It really works.

• Have at least a bank account or more. For me, I started with two banks.

• Make up your mind on what you want your minimum deposit. Have this thought that if the remaining money in your account is this minimum balance, then tell yourself you don’t have money. WHATEVER YOU DO, ALWAYS LEAVE THAT MINIMUM DEPOSIT.
I started with #5000 naira in my accounts which makes #10,000. So when I tell you I don’t have money, what I really mean is that I have #10000 in my accounts.

• Over time, increase the minimum accounts as your income grows. Always let the thought that you have money be in your mind. Relish the idea. I was able to increase my minimum balance from #5000 to #50,000. No matter the idea that comes to me, I know I have #100,000 in the bank that I can use to effect it.

• It’s so simple to do but you must be disciplined and very consistent.

3. Have a life plan. Plan your life ahead. I would always be grateful to a 10 year plan I did for myself. I have had all I planned for each year. I would implore you to sit down and create a long term and short term plan for your life. A descriptive plan I have always enjoyed writing is called “A day in my life in 5 years time”. My mind keeps getting enlarged anytime I read the last plan and decide to change it. I can assure you, it keeps getting better. Let your plan be achievable, believable and concrete.

4. Stay positive. I have learnt in life that when am going through some tough situations, I should find out what the worst case scenario is. Truth is that the worst never happens. I have made up my mind to always see the glass of water as half full and never half empty. I am an incurable optimist. It will surely get better for me. This year would be a great year for me. It might be hard but stay strong and stay positive.

5. Lastly, have good friends. Invest in friends. You will reap bountifully. The greatest thing that could happen to you is when your friends mention your name where it matters. Imagine an employer looking for a valuable staff, would your friend so much trust you to mention your name. Think about this.