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Leadership Course for Busy People@ Daystar

i want to use this medium to invite you for a training programme i attended in march. this version is for busy people because it is designed to run for just 11 saturdays starting from may 3rd.
details are:
Daystar Leadership Academy is a leadership development school designed to fire you up a while helping you discover, develop and maximize your God-given potentials.
DLA offers training for any career field,
there is something that will suit your interest and goals; be it ministry, business, engineering, law, banking, marketing, e.t.c and thats justs just the beginning.
Course module
Personal Transformation
Success Habits
Financial Management
Project Management
System Development
LeadershipLeadership Development
Delegation strategiesEntrepreneurship
The Supernatural
Family success I
Organizational Growth
Excellence oriented organization
Personal Health Management
Dynamics of vision
tuition fee is #7000.
u can register with cash on may 1st between 10-1pm at 71 kudirat abiola way,oregun ikeja.
lecture venue is
plot A3C ikosi road, beside GTBank
oregun industrial estate,ikeja,lagos
lecture time
for more details, visit

The Nigerian Dream III

At this stage, I believe sincerely we all have the belief that we need a Nigerian dream and we have a better idea of what the dream should be. Like we said, this dream is the picture of our preferred future. The question then arises that who should be the dreamer. For so long, we have put the responsibility on our government to do the dreaming for us. We believe that because they are in charge of our resources, they must tell us how it must be done. To some extent, we are partly right but mostly wrong. The truth about government is that it is an institution that God recognizes and places much value on. For any government to be in power, it has to do with God’s approval. So if the government gives to us the dream of our preferred future, it’s a great idea but where I disagree is that this dream is not the picture of the government’s preferred picture but the picture of our preferred picture. No institution or person can tell us how bright or colorful our future is to be. We, the citizens must be responsible in doing the work of dreaming and then working with the government to actualize it. We need to start dreaming and voicing out our dreams. We need to open up to the government what we want our tomorrow to be like. One funny thing is that it is we the citizens that get into government and most times, we go in without any idea of what out tomorrow will be like. This will forever lead to waste of resources. Our dreams must become our expectation which when they meet with opportunities brings about great results.
Let Nigerians begin to dream of how
Our educational sector should be like – where quality education is free for all.
Our political terrain should be like – where people go into politics to serve and not to embezzle.
Our economy/policy making sector should be like – where our naira will be well valued
The road network and housing schemes should be like – house for all and roads free of potholes.
Our social, arts, media should be like - let me talk on the media. The government has no business owning media houses. It is the citizen’s duty. They should work to say the truth as it is and not adjusted. We need individuals to dream, fight this cause and take over the media from the government. Fact is that it’s only in developing nations that we still have government controlled media houses and when the few privately owned media houses do their work, they either get closed down, harassed or locked up in jail. We must stand against this. But first we must dream of the right situation and then actualize our dream. Very soon, the Bureau of Public Enterprise might be selling media houses that are presently government controlled. We must start dreaming of a day when all media houses are controlled and owned by the citizens so that when the opportunity to buy comes up, it will be the good case of expectation meeting with opportunity. If we don’t dream now, foreigners are doing the dreaming for us and when such opportunities come up, they will be the ones buying them up.

Let’s be free to dream. It’s our responsibility. I am looking forward to when each one of us will write to describe the Nigeria of our dream. These collective dreams will change this nation for good.
I would recommend a book written by Sam Adeyemi titled “The Second Revolution”. It will be of great help. I do hope to review the book one day on this blog.
Also, there are some very good initiatives on a new Nigeria. you can visit these sites for more details

Afolabi, Albert Abiodun

The Nigerian Dream II

The Nigerian Dream II

I intend in this article to continue on what I started. Day by day, I believe more in the future of this country and nothing gives me that more hope than we, the present generation, who would be the architect of these developments. At this stage I believe we are tired of passing the blame, its time to start acting on all our dreams.
One of the questions I asked in the last article is that what is the Nigerian dream?
First, in trying to define a dream, I came up with these
2. Dreams will surely outlive the dreamers i.e. we have the capacity to have dreams that will still be talked about even when we are no more. Thomas Edison is no more today but we talk about him when we talk about the light bulb and many others like that.
3. God created every body with a large capacity to dream.
THE Nigerian dream should be all that we expect in our country. We could try to make a list of our expectations and start working towards the reality.
* Well developed educational sector where the real value of education is cherished.
* Well developed political system where people see political office as a call to serve not as a call to enrich their pockets.
* Well developed family system where good values are passed on from the parents to their children. Most of us suffer today because our parents were never the good examples we could have emulated.
* Well developed economy where every business is worth it. Where our naira is highly valued as it has once been.
* Good road networks which makes travelling at any point in time safe.
* Good security system where policemen would really be our friends and not our enemies. Where at any site of problem, a man in uniform comes in and people are secured because their rights will be protected.
There are still many more, which we can still mention but all we can mention are a product of our dreams. In as much as I believe in a new Nigeria, I dare each and every one of us to start dreaming. Lets then pass along our dreams to others and let’s take positive actions to get them actualized.

The Nigerian Dream

The Nigerian Dream I
This is a project I started for a while now and possibly might bring up a book on it.
Every developed country has a dream and vision through which the nation has been thriving on. This is well described to their citizens. We don’t have a Nigerian dream. I have come to a conclusion that we are to be held responsible for it. We have put too much blame on the government. Let stand up and take charge.
Let me start by saying that where and what we are today is the results of dreams of some people in some past years. Dreams are like the visions to get us into true reality. Without it, our nation has no hope.
Taking a look at an average American child, in built in them is a dream called the American Dream. They have something to look forward to. They have a clear picture of what their tomorrow is going to be like. This, research has proven why their nation is where they are today. They did not get their by sudden flight. A great man said that the great heights that great men have achieved were not done by sudden flight, but they while their mates were sleeping, toiled all through the night. I deduced from this that if all developed nations are where they are today by toiling all through the night, it means Nigerians have been sleeping when others are toiling and the irony is that we feel we should be in the same place they are.
These questions should be ringing in our hearts.
What is the Nigerian dream?
Whose responsibility is it to dream for us?
How do we actualize these dreams when we have one?
I hope to pick up from here next time.

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog.
Just felt great sharing my thoughts online. This blog is called impact because the only reason why we are on this planet is to do just that i.e. impact. Many just impress. Impression can be good but they don’t last. They fade away as soon as they appear. It’s just like a flash in a pan. It’s just for that moment. The sad thing about many people is that their lives are just like that. You hear about them once and that's all about them. To impact, you need take Jesus as your perfect mentor, who came to this world and changed the world. An account of Him in the book of mark chapter 7:37 says "THE PEOPLE WERE ASTONISHED BECAUSE HE HAD DONE ALL THINGS PERFECTLY WELL". That’s impact. I am determined to pattern my life after Jesus, to create an impact wherever I am. Touching people's life is my delight. Bringing solution to this world is my pleasure and doing all that He will allow me do.To start with, here is a thought line –
Where you are today?
Can you think of how many people have been there before?
How many do you still talk about?
How many have never been mentioned at all?
What we do today makes history tomorrow.
Love you all
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