Friday, March 20, 2009

Good people, Great Nation

I am not a politician and I wont write like one. I just want to write this piece from the depth of my heart. I want to write about Nigerians. The new rebranding for our nation came up with the slogan,'Good people, Great Nation. Let truth be told, that

1. Nigerians are very good people. I have met a great number of people in different spheres in this country and they are really nice. Our parents were brought up with the culture of helping each other. I could say that because i Know my dad was quite responsible for many family members under him. Our house has always been with the addition of one relative or the other. I stand to say Nigerians are good people and we have to believe this fact before we can really value ourselves.I wont deny the fact that due to some people's behaviour, this niceness in Nigerians is eroding away but WE can stop it and inculcate it into ourselves.

2. Nigerians are people with great culture and firm belief in proper and right manners. I do remember stories of when sexual chastity use to be highly honoured. The pride of every family is not just giving out their daughter in marriage but that on the eve of the wedding there is the white cloth stained with blood to show that she was a virgin until then. It is not like now when it is no more valued and people have thrown restraint to the winds.We are good people and we have always gotten it right before. Thiefs were not called sweet names before or given national honours. They really were not celebrated. Truth is that we can still get there. Honesty was well valued and parents teach this not just to their children but even in folklores all around.

3. Nigeria is a great nation. We are the pride of Africa. Greatly respected through the world. Our population is our strength. We are well positioned and blessed with great resources. Our people go to other nations and do great exploits. Nigeria is a blessed land. People from other nation strive to do business here because they get a good return on the investment.

There are many more to write about us, we are Good people belonging to a Great Nation. I do hope we can all start singing this and go a step further by believing it.

We will get there.

Good people, Great Nation