Thursday, July 10, 2008


It seems a bit alarming for the title i gave this piece but i think its the best for now. A simple definition of crisis or synonyms that comes to mind maybe chaos or disarray. I am not particular about about the English meaning but I just learnt about this word from the Chinese. Crisis in Chinese consist of two words namely Wei Ji. this two holds holds a very deep meaning.
Wei means Dangerous
Ji means Opportunity
So to the Chinese, crisis means a DANGEROUS OPPORTUNITY.
What a deep meaning and our world today can say how much this word had impacted the lives of the Chinese. The Chinese have been known to invest in places the Western world would not deem fit and they would succeed in it. to them, its a dangerous opportunity but how do you know which opportunity will pay you till you have tried it out. The Western world had believed that Africa is filled with despair and investing in its business arena is a waste of time, but their views are changing now because some people saw it as a dangerous opportunity and now it is paying them now.
When next you hear the word crisis, what comes to you, is it disarray/chaos or a dangerous oportunity. Dont ask me, i choose always to hear dangerous opportunity.