Thursday, June 4, 2009

Living Your Best Life NOW

Can you answer these questions sincerely?

When was the last time you really gave yourself a treat?
When last did you hang out with your friends?
Are you the happy guy on Friday and the sad one on Monday?
Can you describe your life presently?
Are you caught up in the rat race?
Are you in charge of your life or other people, work etc are the ones planning your life for you?

Whichever way your answers go, I do have a challenge for you and you are not alone in this race. I want to challenge you on how to live your best life now. Enjoying every day of your life is very crucial in you been successful and getting fulfilled. You need to wake up Monday morning with full blast of energy knowing that it’s another great week for you and this week is moving you in the direction of your vision. The person you see when you look into a mirror is the one that dictates everything about you. You can live your best life now. You can buy the future now.
The place to be is the Impact seminar where all these would be addressed. Find the details below:

Impact Seminar

Tagged: Living your best life NOW
Date: June 27, 2009

Time: There are 2 sessions. Please choose which one will be convenient for you.
Session 1: 10.00am -1.00pmnoon
Session 2: 1.30 – 4.30pm

Venue: Chams Digital Village, Isaac John Str. Ikeja GRA

Speakers: Afolabi Albert, Abraham Holmes
Bola Adeoye, Image Consulting
Sola Adepoju, Planet Projects
Omotola Fawunmi, Project Stretch

NOTE: There are limited seats available for each session. To book your seat, you can send a sms to 08034424156 or send a mail to The seminar is free