Friday, April 23, 2010

Business Innovation by Myles Munroe


I have always treasured getting to work early and using my time as I deem fit. Today, I choose to listen to messages of two great speakers - Dr Tayo Adeyemi and Myles Munroe.

NB; I would like to share the audio file with any interested person. You need to listen to this.

Myles Munroe preached on Business Innovation and Vision and I would like to share some points with you.

Defining Business
1. Every problem is a business.
2. Every business is someone's solution to a business
3. Business is not about money. Its about solving a problem. Jesus solves the problem of our world - Sin and he solved it. Jesus was God's solution to man's problem

Characters of True Business Leaders
1. True business leaders have the ability to think outside the box.
2. True business leaders learn from experience but they never live by it.
3. True business leaders possess the capacity to combine old ideas and concepts to new ideas and create new results
4. True business leaders never believe there is only one way to accomplish any task
5. True business leaders are never prisoners of tradition.
6. True business thinkers always break tradition.

Definition of Innovation
1. Innovation is the capacity to create new approaches to deal with old challenges.
2. Innovation is the perceptibility to see possibilities in the combination of old and new components
3. Innovation is the creation, development and the application of untested ways to solve old and new problems
4. Innovation is the capacity to think beyond the norm, defy the norm and believe in your ability to solve new problems

God and Innovation
1. Innovation is God's nature
2. God created everything different.
3. God loves innovation.
4. God hates sameness, He is always producing difference
5. God never repeated anything in creation. Everything God does, He creates as an original
6. God never did the same miracle twice.
7. God always solve problems in unexpected and non traditional ways.
8. God challenged men to think beyond their experience.
9. God never believed anything is impossible
10. God never dealt with man according to the norm

Final Challenge
1. Look for new ways to solve old problems
2. Find new ways to solve new problems
3. Find your uniqueness and develop products along it
4. Don't talk about the problem, solve it
5. Be creative, God is always creative
6. Business is formed when you break tradition


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