Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My name is Albert, I enjoy Life

Hey Friends,

Waoh its been a while that i have posted a note on facebook. Sorry duty calls. For today, just had some random thoughts I need to get off my mind. So flow with me.

1. My name is Khan, I am not a terrorist

Maybe you have been wondering what's up with my last two status update - My name is Albert, am not a poor boy. I visited the beautiful and very busy city of Bangalore in India in March 2010 because of the project am working on presently. After some pretty days of work, I went to the cinemas and wanted to see the latest Indian film - My name is Khan, I am not a terrorist. Eventually I did not see the film because the next show was like 3 hours time. Finally, yesterday in the comfort of my villa, I sat to watch this film and to be very candid, I was so impressed with a million lessons learnt from it. I think you should go see the movie too. You would surely enjoy it. Three major lesson from the film are
1. Never look down on anybody possibly because they have a weakness. Some maybe smarter than you.
2. When you have a vision, keep to it. The more you keep to it, the more you get close to it.
3. Have a heart of gold that is so touched to help humanity. Stop complaining about the government, do the little best to make life pleasant for people around you.

For the remaining lesson, go see the movie and also come up with your own title, Your name is ..........., and you are a ............................

2. What love can do
I have always been delighted to see people in love. It thrills me to see two people committed to make life work together for themselves. Love changes us when we accept it and boldly make full expression of it. Irrespective of our differences maybe gender based or our background, love covers that gap and make us see possibilities. Open your heart to love an see your life get transformed. I dedicate this to celebrate my two very close pal as they celebrates God's faithfulness to them and the men God gave her. Adebola, you rock, dont worry, its built to last and the music for you soul is unending. Ademayowa, soon to be wedded. God has made all things to work for you. Friends for life

Wait a minute, tomorrow marks my parents 33rd wedding anniversary and the best mum will soon be 55 years old. What a joy to be blessed with the best parents of all time. You know how we do it, you guys have to holla them for me.

3. If you have the opportunity, what would you do
I was on a flight to Abuja last week thursday and while waiting for the flight, guess who I saw? A great man and life motivator that I have always been looking up to. Ok, this is my point. We all have desires to meet great men in life and we look forward to that day that we would have to opportunity to shake their hands and talk to them. We look forward to an arranged setting but I have learnt most times to prepare for my opportunities as God bring them on my ways. Think out of the box the next time you meet a great man that you have always admired. Go say hello, introduce yourself and say some words of the impact the fellow have had on you. If you have your business card, ask if they don't mind to get it and see if you can get their personal contacts. This gives you access to them. For sure, you will have cold feet, mind calculations on the next step but from me to you, Just Do It.

4. My book launch
Its so good to know a lot of people are thinking about you and also praying for you. I posted on facebook for friends to help clear their calendar for October 2nd and hmmmmn, am amazed by all the comments. All of them were related to marriage. Some even called and wanted me to confirm the occasion. Ok friends and folk, I am having a book launch and the title of the book is "I AM GETTING MARRIED" . Did I just say that? Yes, I am getting married and will soon post full details.
For my guys, one day would always be one day. My advice, plan ahead, have a year in mind and work towards it, mine started 7 years ago and I have always told my friends about getting married in 2010. Its a significant year for me.
For the ladies, Trust God to make all things work for you. Open your heart and follow the rhythms. Be there for the man that God has given to you.

5. Friends for Life
I was reminiscing about my days in OAU Ife and the core parts that always come to mind is that of the great friends God blesses me with. I really wish I could mention names and be very specific but I would leave that for another note ( Its a promise). My advice, do all you can to be the greatest thing that could ever happen to your friends. The memory lingers and they are very sweet to the soul. Like I remember friends that we take tutorials together at the back of Pharmacy building ( Ahmed Atere and Co), Business partners in all my events management engagement ( Funmi Oraf, Ope, Tonia), Agric Engr classmates and some selected lecturers ( waoh, we rocked that department for good), Fellowship crews( Dj, Femi, Jide and a whole lot of others).
Thanks for being my friend and if you still are, am still committed - Friends for life.

@Albert Afolabi (July, 2010)

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